WOW, this is so beautiful and it’s in the middle of nowhere

As part of Oakdale Christian Academy’s L.E.A.D. program, the intro to missions class, taught by Kathy Johnson, went to serve a nearby community. Ten students lifted rocks which Brenda and Pete Combs, founders and pastors of the Fullness of the Word Mission, will use to build a cross and altar near the creek. It is their hope that this beautiful spot will draw many to God for generations to come. The students gathered in their small church building and Brenda and Pete talked about ministering to the physical and spiritual needs of the people in the area. Fullness of the Word Mission has been working there for about ten years. In addition to preaching and teaching the people, Pete also is an incredible builder having built all of the buildings at the mission. Construction is underway for a multi-purpose building. They are intending to offer job and trade skills classes in that space. He is quick to give credit to people from all over the nation that come to serve alongside them. As the pictures show, the students fell in love with the litter of puppies. Two students laid hands on Brenda and Pete and prayed for God to provide for and abundantly multiply results for Fullness of the Word Mission.